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Personal Insurance Protection

You've worked hard to build your assets and to provide for those who depend on you. The result of all your effort is well worth protecting.

When you take out personal insurance, you have security for your loved ones should you unexpectedly die, become disabled or suffer a medical crisis (such as heart attack, cancer or a stroke). Personal insurance is important for all that means the most to you: your family, your partner and their financial security. It's a simple, inexpensive precaution to take against your unexpected death, a medical crisis or total and permanent disablement. You can have peace of mind knowing that in the event of your death, those who depend on you will not be financially disadvantaged with the burden of maintaining living standards. Also, if you suffer a medical crisis or are totally disabled, not only are you faced with loss of income, but with medical expenses. Trauma cover and/or total and permanent disablement can be included in your insurance, which will provide you with a lump sum should either of these events occur. This payment could be used to help pay your debts or be invested to an income to help you maintain your standard of living.

Life Insurance
Term life insurance is designed to provide security and peace of mind for you and your family. The unexpected loss of a loved one is a terrible tragedy. The purpose of term life insurance is to prevent or reduce additional burden of financial hardship for those who depend on you. It pays a lump sum to help cater for expenses like the mortgage, car payments, school fees and living expenses.

Total and permanent disability insurance
Total and permanent disability insurance is designed to provide a lump sum payment to help cater for the additional expenses such as rehabilitation costs and ongoing care expenses should you suffer a permanent disability. It is also used to help meet other expenses like the mortgage, car payments, school fees and living expenses.

Income Protection
People tend to insure valuable things that would be hard to replace, like their house or their car. But even more valuable to most people is their income - the source of all the payments that support their life and lifestyle. Income protection insurance allows you to continue to receive an income stream should you be unable to work because of illness or injury.

Trauma Insurance
Medical science is constantly seeking new treatments for cancer, cardiovascular disease and other serious illnesses. Many people recover and live normal lives after these traumas, but the expense of treatment and the loss of income during such debilitating illness can be distressing. Trauma insurance provides a lump sum payment to help meet the everyday and extraordinary expenses that follow a range of serious illnesses.


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The information in relation to personal insurance is of general nature only and is not intended as a personal advice. It does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation and needs. Before making a financial decision you should assess whether the advice is appropriate to your individual investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs. We recommend you consult a professional financial adviser who will assist you.




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