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Estate planning

Estate Planning amounts to far more than simply making a will.  It involves arranging your estate so that when you or your partner dies, the right funds and assets go into the right hands at the right time.  It gives you peace of mind and it gives your family the benefit of having an estate which will take care of their needs and distribute the funds in the best possible way.

Estate planning has two main aims:

• to try and avoid the likelihood of any next of kin suffering financially; and
• to minimise the risk of family squabbles about who gets what.

Most people who work in this area include tax planning as a part of estate planning. They will also look at how you can get the most use and enjoyment of your assets while you are alive, as well as providing for your beneficiaries.

Estate planning was initially used when there were death and estate duties. These don't exist anymore, but there are other taxes, such as capital gains tax, that make estate planning just as worthwhile now.

An estate plan should:

• be administratively simple to operate;
• not be too expensive to maintain;
• balance life-time enjoyment of assets/income while preserving assets for family after death; and
• be regularly reviewed.

We are able to assist you in clarifying your estate planning goals and objectives so a meaningful estate plan can be developed by your solicitor with our input and assistance as required.


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